The Plan

Where, How and Why.

Where is probably the easiest of the 3 to answer. The plan is to start from John’O Groats, the northern tip of Scotland. From there we’ll travel through the uk, then across to Europe going through countries such as Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Hungary to name but a few. We leave Europe for Turkey then Georgia and Azerbaijan, where after a quick hop across the Caspian sea on a rail ferry we pick up the ancient trail of the silk road, travelling through Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan. From there we head into China, up into the Himalayas and old Tibet then back down again and across the border into Laos and South East Asia. Finishing in Thailand where we’ll enjoy an extremely well-earned Singha beer watching the waves roll in on a beautiful sandy beach.

Even the where is not completely set in stone however. With the increasing refugee tensions in Europe, the Syria crisis and the inability to get anything but a transit visa in Turkmenistan, certain countries may need to be skirted around, sped through or just completely avoided.

How we plan to do this is on 2 BMW F800 GS motorbikes.

We’ll be traveling light, no support vehicles whatsoever, just what we can carry on the back of our bikes. The route takes us through both snow capped mountains and endless desert so fitting both winter and summer gear into 2 panniers and a top bag is going to be a fun juggling act. It may just boil down to whether we’d rather have chilly or overly warm toes… So suffice it to say it’s not going to be the most glamorous trip, it’s going to be gritty, grimy and at times just down right miserable. Having said that if anyone from home wants to send us some biltong in Kyrgyzstan you’ll be my hero.

The Why is probably the hardest one to answer as I’m not even particularly sure myself. I guess it comes from equal parts the intense curiosity of other countries and cultures, one too many beers on a beach in Cannes and the inability to turn down something even remotely adventurous. At the end of the day though I think its less about Why and more about Why not.

Its going to be a journey of a lifetime.

I should probably add that we both only got our motorcycle licenses last month.. So there’ll more than likely be some rather steep learning curves along the way…